Day in day out hard work

Today was a grind day. You know one of those days just packed with things to complete. I’m happy to say overall I accomplished a lot but, as always, there’s room for improvement.

The day began with some maths (my favourite!) It went well to say the least. We looked over trigonometry, sine rule, cosine rule and area of a triangle and I remembered all of it which is a very good sign. While others struggled with it, I blasted through all of the work comfortably. However, this makes me think that this time is wasted. There are still topics on papers which I just don’t know how to do, such as proportional vectors etc. I think I’m going to look at asking my brother for some help because he did A level maths and then went to study it at University.

Friday 28th now:

I was in school today thinking, I am going to get so much done when I get home. I thought I would complete a practise paper, an english question and my geography homework, and so far I have completed none of it, but I will. Straight after completing this blog I will complete them. This is the problem: I want to get so much done each day, but I feel that I overwhelm myself because I get home and think oh my god I have so much to do. I don’t really know what to do if I’m honest. I will get it all done, because sometimes I think that I’ll allow myself to get away with it if I just leave it alone. I think therefore I will keep this blog post short in order to eliminate the ability to prolong doing the work I need to. But I will do it all, and I will use that to begin my revision until the end of my exams. See this will be the stiumulus to the receptors that is my motivation (with momentum comes more motivation.) Imagine how great I’d feel if I could get it all done. Although I don’t really care for telling others about how good I am, imagine how good it would feel to let everyone know I’ve done 2 and a half hours of work..

What do I want out of life? It’s simple-an enjoyable and fulfilling one. But I’m going to go in depth. I think I’d like to live in Spain, America or a country with warm weather as I prefer warmer climates. I then want a MacBook with the highest possible specs that I can day trade on. I want to have the physical fitness foundation set in place to allow me to go to the gym every day to both work on muscle and fitness. I want a very modernised home that it perfectly sized for me. As long as it is comfortable and functional, having a mansion is not important to me; in fact I think I prefer the thought of a small house or flat. And most of all I just want the ability to do whatever I want to do. I don’t want to be restricted; having someone tell me what I can and can’t do is my worst nightmare. So now, how do I achieve that? I’m going to detail how in the exact order I have listed what I want.

I will be able to live in another country by first achieving financial freedom. This will be achieved by 2 things: my education and my ability to trade on the stock market. So how will I achieve those? I will get as good of an education as I can through simple hard work. Because of that my motivation will need to be in top form, which will be stemmed from momentum (today) I will improve my ability to trade on the stock market simply by practising. Everyday I will trade on the stock market and hone my skills to my trade (pun intended.) Once again, I will achieve buying a MacBook Air with the highest specs by having enough money which will stem from already noted points. Next is my physical fitness. My plan is to start going to the gym with a few friends or on my own as soon as my GCSEs are over. This is due to the fact I believe at the moment my GCSEs are more important since I can achieve physical fitness whenever I want, whereas I can only take my GCSEs once. Again with the house, it’s just about being financially free.

Change of plan. It has been some time elapsed since I last wrote on this post. Instead of doing the work, I did loads of admin work so that I could set up for next day. I really do think this has been worth it because I completely organised my study area which will allow me to do work tomorrow. I’m going to go now since I have other things to do. Hope you all enjoyed the read and I’m looking forward to writing my next tomorrow!






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