Day 2 of Development

Well here goes day 2 of the journey;I’m only mid-way through today and already enjoying it thoroughly.

I began the day the night before. Weird right? I basically planned out the day the night before just by writing down on paper with pen a schedule that I was to follow. I then read a chapter of ‘How to win friends and influence people’ by Dale Carnegie (great book so far recommend it no doubt to anyone) and went to bed. Before I closed my eyes, I set the alarm on my phone to 6:00 AM which for me is the earliest I have ever woken up, and I have to say it was one of the best feelings in the world. I downloaded a specific alarm app which would force you to take a picture of a predetermined picture in order to turn the alarm off, and I chose the kettle. So why? Well number one reason is because it is downstairs which would force me to get out of bed. Two being that my family hates when my alarm clock goes off so I’d be forced to turn it off quickly before I’d get them all shouting at me. And three, I love tea and so for me theres no better way to start the day. Honestly, the feeling you get when you start the day at the crack of dawn is unexplainable, it’s so satisfying to feel that you’re making the most of the day. At this point of writing it is 12:58 and I’ve been awake for almost 7 hours! The difference between waking up at 6:00 and 8:30 is incredible. Also, as odd as it sounds, I don’t feel anymore tired than I usually do; in fact it could be said that I feel more energised, although I did drink an energy drink at around 8:30 so perhaps that has something to do with it. I would recommend to no end to anyone reading this to WAKE UP EARLY; you can get so much done and feel so good afterwards.

So far today, I have probably already completed 4-5hours of work, which for me is a personal best, and I hope to maintain this for as long as exams are looming. I have to say I’m actually beginning to enjoy the grind. I was listening to a song ‘iHate by Sikworld’ and there’s a quote which is ‘grindin’ till I headline’ and it motivated me so much to do the work to the best of my idea instead of wasting time creating mediocre work that I’d then just have to redo when I realised that nothing went in to my brain.

Also, I have had many interesting and intriguing conversations with my friends today. One of them, who I won’t name because I don’t know if they would care or not, bearing in mine he is one of the most intelligent and determined people I know to do well, detailed to me the struggle he has been facing coming up to exam season; he hasn’t done any revision for the past week. This is completely un-like him because he understands how important these upcoming weeks really are but admitted that ‘the more people told him now is the time to revise’ the less he wanted to do it and I could not agree with him more because I have felt the same. Around mid december time, I would be doing 4 hours of revision a day no problem because my motivation to work hard was at an all time high. However, since then it had diminished and as the time towards exams drew closer I found it harder and harder to actually sit down and do the work, which baffled me. Why on earth, as it became more important to revise, and full well knowing this, did my brain decide I would not care at all, and want me to play games like rocket league and clash royale? I don’t know,  it sucks. Something I have to ask is why on earth, during both physical and emotional changes (teenage years) some of the most uncertain, fragile years of our entire life. Who decided it was a good idea to test us at this time. It’s a constant battle. Not only does the school we go to expect us to do more and more work, but we fall out with our family more and also may have the unfortunate experience of losing a family member.

Another one of my friends, who I have also decided not to name, called Jeffrick (jk) , told me how they’re having issues surrounding their grand dad and that he’s having health issues. What if their grand dad dies just a day before an exam? How on earth are they going to be able to concentrate properly and perform at their optimum level with the burden of that on their fragile mind? It’s preposterous that we as teenagers are to take the most important exams of our lives at this time period.

But, to conclude, I’m in a very positive mood and I’m ready for the same challenge tomorrow. I look forward to conquering it and making it my day. Anyway, to any reading this, I wish you good luck with your day tomorrow, and make sure that day is yours; you’ll only ever get that day once, don’t let it slip through your fingers.





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