The beginning-Welcome to my Blog

Although this is an online blog which is completely open for anyone to read, I’ll admit this is really for myself-you’re more than welcome on the journey though! My name is Pat and I’m 16 years old. I want to achieve incredible things, be the best me that I can. My dream for when I’m older is to be a full time stock market trader, either working independently or as a hedge fund manager, and I will do it. I know they’re big dreams, but you only get one life; why would you want to spend it doing something mediocre? I’d like to tell something to myself and anyone reading this. This blog wont be perfect, in fact I’m sure it will have many flaws; I’m not going to waste time pondering how the best way to say something is because instead I’m just going to say it. I want this blog to illustrate my life for however long I run this blog for. I intend at this moment for post at least once a week or more, but there may be occasions where I write nothing. And so this is life. Again, this blog will not be perfect, but I want it to demonstrate my life, how I feel about it, and what I plan to do about life.

As a 16 year old, the arrival of the dreaded GCSE  exams are oncoming. Am I worried? I guess? I don’t know. I don’t know how to feel really. I guess I’m more stressed than some, but less than others. Honestly, I’m naturally quite intelligent, and I’m predicted straight As and A*s in all of my subjects. And although I’m very grateful that I’ve been blessed with this intelligence, because I recognize not everyone is so lucky, I don’t want to work a 9-5 office job where although I get paid a decent salary I’m just progressing someone else’s goal. The quote ‘if you don’t build your own dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs’ really hits home with me. I don’t want to be stuck just working for someone else. I’ve been putting some work in (sidenote: this blog will be completely honest;I’m not going to lie because I wouldn’t be suprised if no one in the world sees this-it’s simply for me to vent my thoughts, without burdening someone else working on themselves) but I also feel I could be doing more. I have a schedule created (it outlines 4 hours of work a day) which although I feel is a good amount, I hardly ever follow it. I get so much homework if I were to follow the schedule I would never be able to hand the homework in because I’d be doing other things. On the other hand, I am able to structure my work and find that at the end of the day I’ve done a good amount. But there is more I could do. And so, with that, I have decided from now on beginning the 13/04/2017 I will wake up at 6:00 AM, giving me more time to revise and focus on the important things.

Today, after completing a business practise exam paper, I handwrote a sort of plan with simply pen and paper. I noted down what my overall aim for life was, and then a backup/preplan. The aim ‘become a full time stock market trader living in a tropical country by the beach’ and backup/preplan ‘have a steady, well paid job related to finance/stocks.’ I then wrote down my short term goals with examples such as ‘school-get straight As and A*s’ and ‘hobbies-earn at least £103.85 a day from paper trading on the stock market’ For those interested, I got the £103.85 a day goal by researching the average salary for someone in the UK, around £27,000 I think and then divided by 52 and then by 5 to see how much they earned if they worked a job monday-friday. I thought if I could earn just £103.85 a day then it would spur me on to believe in myself. For those not aware, paper trading is essentially ‘fake money’ but on the real stock market- so had I invested real money it woud have had the same outcome. It is a brilliant option for anyone wanting to practise on the stock market without the risk of losing money, or in my case being under the legal age of 18. For anyone interested, my practise account is on trading 212, where they give you £10,000 of fake money, which I have, since around december time, turned in to around £32,000. I think this is a good amount, and I have positive forecasts for achieving my goal of £103.85 a day, since, without sounding cocky, alot of the trades I make money from are 4 figured. Although my interest for the stock market did not begin in december, oh no, my interest was born the minute my dad told me he invests and is successful doing so. I had a long term account before the december one, where I had turned a 10k account into above 80k, but decided to delete it and start fresh to see if I could do it again and so far so good.

Here comes the end of this blog. Thank you for reading, if anyone did, and if no one is, this is where you start Pat!


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